Currently Showing at:

Found Natural Goods Downtown Bend next to the Pine Tavern

Mud Lake Studios  50 Scott St. Bend, Oregon)

North West Trading Post  50 Scott St. Bend, Oregon

Root Cellar  NE 2nd Street in Bend, Oregon

The Workhouse  50 Scott St. Bend, Oregon in Bend, Oregon

Kate Pentz Massage Studio Bend  NE 4th St. Bend, Oregon

Available at Mudlake Studios (contact artist to view paintings at this location)

Sparks Lake 12″ x 36″  $432
Tumalo Resevoir storm is coming
Tumalo Reservoir 10″ x 12″ on board $120

Birds at Mudlake

Available at:

 Found Natural Goods

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Godwitt’s $700

Available at:

Root Cellar

In Flight
On Our Way Home 48″ x 60″ Trumpeter Swans $2880

Big Clouds 1
Tumalo Reservoir and High Desert Clouds 24″ x 36″ $720